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Big News at Intents

Adam jackson at Intents, probably talking about PooIntents 2016

Following the roaring success of Intents 2015, the team have planned something brand new and exciting for 2016!

Described by JJ Waters as “a little piece of heaven”, Intents 2015 saw many young people engaging with God actively, and for some, for the first time, as well as the usual mix of seminars, worship, games, crafts, and relaxation.

However, for the 2015 festival, the camp was over subscribed, and it became the case that some youth groups and lots of young people were turned away, which the Intents team agreed was something which couldn’t happen in the future. After long consideration and discussion with both the team and youth leaders, it has been decided that this year Intents will run two exciting weeks full to the brim with the same mix of marvellous, joyful madness the festival has become renowned for!

Intents Week A – ​27th to 30th of May 2016 
will run on the traditional Whitsun bank holiday slot that Intents has previously been on, and the second camp,

Intents Week B, – 1st to the 4th June 2016

at the other end of the school bank holidays.

Both sessions will follow a similar format, allowing double the amount of young people to attend and enjoy the festival in all its home grown goodness!

The team and youth leaders are very supportive of the plans, but this is the most ambitious undertaking by Intents ever, so support and prayer of all kinds for the festival are greatly appreciated by Adam Jackson and his crack team of volunteers.

More information will be coming soon, but youth leaders and youth alike are encouraged to book in as soon as possible, to avoid missing out! To book in, go to: intents.org.uk/book-now

Any questions about Intents 2016 should be directed to info@Intents.org.uk or the Intents Facebook page.