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Intents Week A


Intents is a fully catered long weekend, with seminars throughout the day, designed so that young people can choose what they go to depending on where they feel they are with God.  The gospel is taught and we invite the Holy spirit.  Not to mention the huge wide games, water fight, craft workshops all on a beautiful little farm in Norfolk with an Iron age round house and barn from just £45

 “My first time at Intents was amazing, I felt the Holy Spirit for the first time… I have made new friends and got closer to my old friends… Intents has been one of the best experiences of my life!”- Delegate

“I cannot thank you all enough for this weekend – bringing that many kids who’d never heard the gospel was a risk well worth taking. It was great for myself and the other leaders with me too – personally I was so encouraged to see other people my age doing things so well and with so much passion  Fantastic stuff!”- Youth Leader,

What is Intents?

Intents is a youth camp in Norfolk, with (Probably) 2 long weekends across the May bank holiday half term, each consisting of games, a huge water fights, music, a cafe, teaching, seminars, worship, workshops and loads more.

Kids at IntentsPeople come from all walks of life and from around the country to hang out with friends and God in a field! How does it work?

Youth groups can arrive after 4pm on the start day’. For Week A, this is Friday, and Week B, Wednesday. We head straight into an evening meeting with worship and prayer, followed by a campfire..

Both Day 2 and Day 3 run on a programme of seminars, intermixed with craft sessions, wide games, and the infamous Intents water fight, finishing in the evening with meetings in the barn, followed by night games, or free time, to reflect on the day that’s just been!


Day 4, (Monday for Week A, Saturday for Week B) starts the same as the rest of the ‘week’, with breakfast and a seminar slot in the morning, but with a BBQ and the Nerf Arena in the afternoon!
We then say goodbye at about 5pm, with a big meeting in the barn.

Accommodation and Catering

Toilets and washing facilities are available, but there are no showers on site (even for team, so everyone gets a bit dusty together!)

All catering is provided by our amazing on-farm catering team- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner- with the exception of dinner on the first night of both ‘Weeks’.

There are also snacks and hot drinks available throughout the day at the Intents Café.

What Actually Goes On?

The highlight of what happens at Intents is the seminars. These are talks given by a variety of speakers, which last around an hour, and we aim to cover as many topics and questions surrounding God, Christianity, and The World as we can.
These seminars follow a ‘Spice Level’ rating, much like buying a curry. This enables young people to choose based on where they feel they are with God.  ‘One Spice’ seminars are mild, easy introductions to topics and questions, a bit like Alpha, whereas ‘Three Spice’ seminars are more like Vindaloocovering topics such as prophetic evangelism or overseas mission, with ‘Two Spice’ falling in between.
Young people are completely free to choose which seminar they want to go to, and we encourage youth leaders to go along too!

There are also big nightly evening meetings, which with worship and prayer, and a talk about a key aspect of walking with Jesus or youth centered hot topic, for example, Self-Image, or the Holy Spirit.

Between seminars, we allow for plenty of free time, so that young people and their leaders can chat about and reflect upon what’s been discussed in the evening worship meetings and at seminars.

There are also optional Games slots, where youth groups and team alike duel it out in Dodgeball tournaments, the Intents water fight (which happens come rain or shine), and the hugely popular Nerf Arena, as well as playing wide night games after dark!

There’s also the opportunity to participate in created a community contributed art installation as part of the Via Beata which runs throughout the day.  This could be anything from wood carving to metal forging! ,


Where and When?

Intents 2019 Week A opens  on Friday 24th  Interview at IntentsMay at 5pm ( but the event officially kicks off at 7pm) and concludes on Monday 27th May (at 5pm). Tents can be pitched from Wednesday 22nd.

Intents 2019 Week B starts on Wednesday 29th  May 5pm (but officially kicks off at 7pm) and concludes on Saturday 1st June (at 5pm). Tents can be pitched from 4.30pm on Tuesday 28th.


Intents 2018, both Week A and B will be at Brandon House Farm, Brandon Parva, Norfolk. Directions can be found on the Intents website.

Who Can Come?

Youth groups from anywhere in the UK are welcome at Intents, but our focus is mainly those in the East of England.

Intents is for young people from Year 6 and up.

Those over 16, who have been to Intents before may choose to serve on Young Team, details of which can be found at: http://intents.org.uk/team/young-team-booking/

Whilst Intents is a four day camp, we do also allow for groups to come for just the day. Bookings for this can also be found on the Intents website.

What Is the Cost?

Intents costs £45 or £50 per person, depending on when you book. This covers catering and all activities on offer at Intents.

Early Bird Discounts and other discounts are available- email thebrain@intents.org.uk for more information on how to get money off of your ticket if needed!

How Do I Book?

Booking is available on the Intents website here:

Full tickets:


Day tickets:

Day Ticket

Young people under 18 must book in with a youth group- if you don’t have one and would still like to come along, contact us and we’ll link you with a group!

If you have any questions about booking in, or Intents in general, please email : thebrain@intents.org.uk