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Healing at Fountain Network event

Roy and Daphne Godwin
The Roy Godwin visit was organised by the members of the Fountain Network and was a full house on the night!

God heals member of Cloverfield Church of Anxiety and sleeping problems during Fountain Network event with Roy Godwin. Here’s what they said:

Well since that Saturday evening with Roy and “The Holy Spirit”, I was healed………… hard to explain and I have not harped on about it to many people.  I felt like I was walking on air the first two weeks, and if honest, a tiny piece of me thought it would not last, thinking my anxieties, bad sleep etc etc would soon return and it was just a good feeling, but they have not, and although not perfect I am sleeping 99.999999999% better than I can ever remember for the longest time and when I sit quiet I feel more peaceful than I EVER have and I know it was the Holy Spirit that healed me.

I had in previous weeks, through learning and reading Christian books, I had been praying for my heart to be healed (from childhood damage) and my mind to be renewed (hunger for the word and a peace full mind)……….. then boom it happened.  It is hard to explain but I am SEEING things so differently it would take a book to explain.  It is like everything I do is all new and fresh, like I have a new awareness………….

I am still reveling so to speak with the way I feel and internal peace I have found.  Happiness is a good word for it ;), for no reason at all, well no wordly reason.

A wonderful thing……………. and although I believed, the actual experience of it happening is a whole different ball game.  My relationship with God has increased ten fold +++  So, I would really like to learn so much more about healing now, and how to use the authority that God has given each one of us to do this.

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